Jan 132016
 January 13, 2016  Film, Lectures

Wednesday, January 27, 2016 at 2 pm

“Cool Blonde”: Alfred Hitchcock’s Dark Obsession

grace-kelly“If the on-set legends are true, Alfred Hitchcock was no gentleman—but he certainly preferred blondes. With their cool, controlled exteriors, the director’s heroines elevated hair colour from the realm of sexpot Hollywood dye-job to a shade that telegraphed aloof continental sophistication—which may be why Hitchcock once infamously asserted that blondes “make the best victims” for his particular brand of on-screen suspense. Take the unshakable elegance of Tippi Hedren’s coiffed bouffant as it was pecked apart in The Birds, or Janet Leigh’s neat champagne crop as it unfurled gracefully under the shower in Psycho. Grace Kelly enthralled Cary Grant in To Catch a Thief and James Stewart in Rear Window (pictured here) with her impeccable pale golden bob and icy passion to match. And while Kim Novak was barely recognizable as a brunette in Vertigo, she drove her leading man to madness as her character’s platinum doppelganger.” (Sophie Schulte-Hillen)

Join movie librarian Steven Tomlinson for this provocative, indeed hair-raising lecture/discussion on the always-fascinating, sometimes disturbing, relationship between the great filmmaker and his many leading ladies.

Free for library members; non-members $5. Registration required.

Location: Multi-purpose room of the library

Dec 302015
 December 30, 2015  Film


Wednesday, January 6, 2015 at 2 pm – Free

ill-see-you-in-my-dreams-blu-ray-cover-78Carol is a retired schoolteacher and a longtime widow in her 70s. She enjoys a tranquil routine playing cards with close friends, keeping up her garden, and relaxing with a glass of wine. When her beloved dog dies, there’s a mournful vacuum that draws new experiences, friendships and attachments into her world. And then there’s the gravelly-voiced, exuberant gentleman, Bill, who comes out of nowhere. The authenticity and honesty coursing through every scene of I’ll See You in My Dreams perfectly echoes the point of view of its elderly characters, who have no more time for nonsense or pretension, even in the most awkward or emotional moments. The talented and vibrant supporting cast avoids clichés in favor of nuance and truthfulness. Blythe Danner was made to play Carol, a beautiful, understated woman resigned to existential realities but certainly not ruling out the magic.

“A work of quiet, crystalline empathy, I’ll See You in My Dreams is notable for reasons that nearly overshadow its modest yet indisputable charms. It’s a drama about the kind of people invisible to the movies and much of our culture — senior citizens in the early evening of their lives — and it grants its characters individuality in ways that are almost wholly free of cliché.” (Graham Fuller, New York Daily News)

United States – 2015 – 96 mins. – In English only

Dec 162015
 December 16, 2015  Community Art Space

Currently there are three separate shows taking place;

Lotter - Nouvelle FranceDavid Chandler presents his collection of antique maps in a show titled “Antique Maps from the Holy Land to New France.”

The exposition consists of 56 maps printed between the late 16th and late 19th centuries that depict either the Holy Land and surrounding areas, or early North America (including Montreal).  In the 1980s David began using antique maps as aids while teaching history and geography classes. Since this time, David’s collection has grown to include thousands of maps from all parts of the world.

Displayed in the Community Art Space until January 31.



sklarStanley Sklar presents a lovely display of three dimensional art.

Stanley has been involved in the arts his entire life. Whether it be through painting, studying, or a career as an award winning fashion designer. This culminated in his newest art form. His 3D sculptures engage the audience. Meticulous attention to detail; from the hand-crafted bricks, worn stairs, to the people who inhabit each neighbourhood, makes this art unique.

Stanley is keen on sharing his knowledge and vast experience with students as a teacher at the Cummings Centre.

Displayed in the fiction section of the library.


arlene maskArlene Roter presents a beautiful display of her handmade ceramic masks.

Arlene is a multi-disciplinary artist who works in embroidery, collage and ceramics. These masks are a great representation of Arlene’s style across all of her mediums. They are fun, bright, unique, and each piece has a certain amount of whimsy.

Displayed in the Library curio cabinets.

Dec 022015
 December 2, 2015  Community Art Space

image 3Katrina Ochsenbein Feracini presents her wonderful watercolour paintings in this self titled exhibit.

Katrina captures the essence of water unlike anyone else. Her ability to catch waves and the reflections of light is breathtaking. Katrina presents a large variety of studies, from water and still life, to portraits and fauna.

Katrina has a great talent for adding life and depth to objects and to people while never straying too far into the obscure. This is an exhibit not to be missed.

Until December 6


Dec 022015
 December 2, 2015  Community Art Space

Choicetruth (1)Kathy Feig presents her display titled “Writings on the Wall” Calligraphy and Mixed Media.

Kathy is a member of “La Société des Calligraphes de Montreal” and her immense talent is put on display in this beautiful exhibit. Kathy does a wonderful job of incorporating her beautiful calligraphy with swirling colourful backgrounds. Kathy has even translated her art form into the creation of posters, bookmarks and signs. Kathy has a beautiful gently touch to her brushstrokes and is available to create custom works if the need arises.

Until November 1, 2015

Dec 022015
 December 2, 2015  Community Art Space

Jianchun 1Jianchun Zhang presents her exquisite photographs in an exhibit titled “Moving Colours”.

Jianchun’s photos can easily be mistaken for abstract paintings. She has a great eye in capturing colour and shaped throughout the remarkable landscaped on China. Her aerial views of water, fields and land formations are brightly coloured and whisk you away to a far off land. This beautiful exhibit is not to be missed.

Until September 27, 2015

Dec 022015
 December 2, 2015  Community Art Space

freemanLinda Freeman presents her paintings in a beautiful exhibit.

Linda is relatively new to the world of painting. Linda started out by visiting a small gallery in Pointe Clair Village to purchase art. It was here that it was suggested that she start painting her own works. Linda took to the medium quickly and continues to take classes on Wednesday afternoons. This exhibit represents three years of her “Wednesday afternoons”.

Until August 23, 2015


Dec 022015
 December 2, 2015  Community Art Space

_DSC8272-EditMichael Derrick presents his lovely photography exhibit titled Cuba 2013 “To Travel is to Live” H.C. Andersen.

Michael has a great eye for catching candid shots of a beautiful country. His exploration of the back streets of Cuba has created a display of great depth. This is a refreshing series of photos that really brings to life the parts of Cuba that are not usually seen.

Until July 19, 2015

Dec 022015
 December 2, 2015  Community Art Space

KadanerJack and Reesa Kadaner present their show titled From Generation to Generation.

This talented father-daughter duo have presented a lovely exploration of their unique styles. Jack has a lovely eye for detail and brings life to his works. Reesa’s personality shines through in her colour theory and whimsy. The juxtaposition of the two styles works perfectly in this display.

Until June 19, 2015

Dec 012015
 December 1, 2015  Film


Tuesday, December 8, 2015 at 2 pm – Free

Deli Man - DVD 909Jewish culture reflects the heart of a vital ethnic history. As that culture continues to shift and adapt within a North American context, delicatessen food remains a beloved communal delicacy. In Houston, Texas, third-generation deli-man Ziggy Gruber has built arguably the finest delicatessen restaurant in the U.S. His story—augmented by the stories of other iconic delis—embodies a tradition indelibly linked to its savory, nostalgic foods.

Deli Man is the documentary equivalent of comfort food: warm, generous and made with love.” (Michael O’Sullivan, Washington Post)

In English only.

United States – 2014 – 91 mins.

Introduced by Gayle Cohen with a post-screening discussion lead by her

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