May 272015
 May 27, 2015  Book Clubs

The Girl Who Saved the King of SwedenCome join the Côte Saint-Luc Women’s Social Club at the ACC and hear CSL librarian, Melissa, talk about The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden by Jonas Jonasson. It will be held on Wednesday, June 10th at 1:45pm.  The book is from the same author who brought you The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared.  This is the author’s second novel.

How fast can a 15-year-old South African girl turn things on its head?  With a clever and literate Nombeko, she is able to change her life and save the king of Sweden!  From being orphaned young and escaping her fate with a handful of diamonds in her pocket, to being held prisoner by an incompetent engineer, the people she meets and the situations she encounters will keep you entertained long after the last page is read.  Jonasson tackles issues ranging from the pervasiveness of racism to the dangers of absolute power while telling a charming and hilarious story along the way.

You are encouraged to share your thoughts with others and to ask any questions you may have about the book—except for the ending!

If you have any questions about May’s title, The Secret of Magic, Melissa will be happy to answer them.

The library has 3 copies of the current book to be discussed.  Put yourself down today!

Coffee, tea and goodies will be provided after the talk, for some friendly socializing. Feel free to bring a friend.

Cost at the door for CSL Women’s Club Members: $3

Cost for Non-members: $4

May 262015
 May 26, 2015  Film


Tuesday, June 2, 2015 at 2 pm – Free

20130903030737!The_Selfish_Giant_posterIn this gut-wrenching story of working-poor desperation in northern England, two pre-teen boys, both social outcasts from broken homes, are taken under the wing of an immoral junkyard owner, who employs them to steal metal from public works. The film’s turn toward the tragic is hardly un-telegraphed, but its emotional blows still land with crushing precision. Carried aloft by the remarkable performances of her two young non-proffesional leads (Conner Chapman & Shaun Thomas), filmmaker Clio Barnard’s poignant, unflinching slice of hard-knock-life grips tight and lingers long.

“It’s so assured and accomplished, so rigorous on both a human and technical level, and so clearly driven by love for this harsh landscape and its hardened people, that I was entirely swept away by its characters and their story.” (Andrew O’Hehir,

“So hauntingly perfect is Barnard’s film, and so skin-pricklingly alive does it make you feel to watch it, that at first you can hardly believe the sum of what you have seen.” (Robbie Collin, The Telegraph)

In English only

Great Britain — 2013 — 91 mins.

Introduced by Gayle Cohen with a post-screening discussion lead by her

Click here to download a PDF of the latest Bright Lights Film Club pamphlet

May 212015
 May 21, 2015  Book Clubs

The Winter PalaceWednesday, June 3rd, 2015 at 7 pm (This session is full. You must be registered and a library member to attend.)

Next book title: The Winter Palace by Eva Stachniak

A fictional look at Catherine the Great’s early beginnings, through the eyes of one of her trusted friends and spies of the court.  Conspiracies, rumors and affairs reign over this book, showing how dangerous the life of royalty could really be.  We are presented with a different view of how the famous queen spent her time during her rule and how she could be considered as human as any other woman of that era.  The story also focuses on the theme of friendship and marriage (whether it involves true love or not).  These topics and more will be discussed at the next meeting.  This novel was the CSL Reads of 2012.

May 202015
 May 20, 2015  Health & Wellness, Lectures

Memory-Wellness_Summ2015_500pxMemory Wellness with Dr. Rachel Goodman

Mondays at 2 pm

Back by popular demand, clinical psychologist Dr. Rachel Goodman offers tips and tricks to optimize your memory wellness.

June 1 Meet your memory: How memory works and how everyday living affects it

June 15 Get organized and train your brain: Using external and internal memory aids

June 22 Remember what you read and people you meet: Memory strategies for everyday life

Series sponsored by Pharmaprix–Cavendish.

May 192015
 May 19, 2015  Film


Tuesday, May 26 , 2015 at 2 pm – Free

Love is Strange - DVD L89755Ben (John Lithgow) and George (Alfred Molina) take advantage of New York’s new marriage laws and tie the knot after being together for 39 years. Unfortunately, the Catholic school where George teaches does not approve, and they reluctantly fire him, forcing the couple to split up and stay with friends while they sell their apartment and look for cheaper housing. George crashes with two gay police officers, while Ben, who’s a painter, bunks with his nephew’s family in Brooklyn—a temporary situation that weighs heavily on all involved. This is a warm, illuminating domestic tragedy, of sorts, about the finite nature of any union, in which writer-director Ira Sachs and his co-leads, Lithgow and Molina, turn in career-topping work.

“You need to give Love Is Strange your eyes and ears and attention, let it work its effects on you gradually, like the lovely Chopin piano music that forms the spine of its soundtrack.” (Andrew O’Hehir,

“By the time the movie is over, you feel as if the people in it were friends you know well enough to tire of, and to miss terribly when they go away.” (A.O. Scott, The New York Times)

In English only

United States — 2014 — 94 mins.

Introduced by Gayle Cohen with a post-screening discussion lead by her

Click here to download a PDF of the latest Bright Lights Film Club pamphlet

May 192015
 May 19, 2015  Book Clubs


Thursday, May 21 at 10:30 am

Do you feel like getting together with other reading enthusiasts? Join us for an entertaining hour-long book discussion of the page-turner novel: The Man Who Loved Dogs. 

In Cuba, Leonardo Padura Fuentes is a unique figure. His latest book is “his most ambitious and brilliantly executed novel yet: a gripping 600-page thriller built around one of the highest-profile political crimes of the 20th century, the 1940 assassination of Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky.”

The book has been published in several languages. It won Le prix Initiales for best foreign novel in 2011, the Italian V Premio letterario Francesco Gelmi di Caporiaco 2010 and the Critics Prize in Cuba. It was also a finalist for the Book of the Year Award in Spain. In 2012, the author was awarded Cuba’s National Prize for Literature.

We will meet again on June 18 and on July 23 to discuss the following books: The Time in Between and All men are liars. To register and to obtain more information, please call 514-485-6900, ext. 4110.

Our monthly meetings are informal and relaxed, come for the chat, coffee and croissants!

May 142015
 May 14, 2015  Lectures, Special Events

Drawing-Politics-Terry-Aislin-Mosher_500pxDrawing Politics with Terry “Aislin” Mosher

Wednesday, June 10 at 7 pm

Join us for an evening with one of Canada’s leading newspaper editorial cartoonists! Aislin has been the Gazette‘s political cartoonist for more than 40 years. His irreverent, acerbic sketches appear regularly in many Canadian dailies and in periodicals around the world.

Presented in collaboration with the Canadian Writers’ Society.

Please contact Danielle Bélanger at 514-485-6900 or for more information.

May 142015
 May 14, 2015  Gardening, Special Events

great-tomato-plant-giveaway_500pxThe Great Tomato Plant Giveaway

Sunday, May 31
1 pm to 3 pm

Join us in the Library’s Demonstration Garden (near the parking lot at 5851 Cavendish) and receive your complimentary tomato plant!

First come, first served. Limited quantities; one plant per person.

Proof of Côte Saint-Luc residency required. (Valid proof of residency includes a driver’s license, Hydro-Quebec bill, or recent bank or credit card statement.)

Please contact CSL’s Urban Agriculture Coordinator, Laurence Fauteux, at 514-485-6945 or at for more information.

May 132015
 May 13, 2015  Film, Lectures

Wednesday, May 27, 2015 at 2 pm

North America’s Love Affair with the Drive-In Movie Theatre


Once a vibrant part of popular culture, why do drive-ins barely survive today in a world that still loves both cars and movies?

Join film librarian Steven Tomlinson as he discusses the phenomenon and experience of this oddly-particular form of mass nocturnal outdoor entertainment (the B movies; double features; huge screens; intermissions; concession stands; playgrounds; tiny window-speakers; etc.) in service to both wholesome family outings and covert teenage concupiscence, while also illustrating a number of historic and still-standing drive-ins.

Free for library members; non-members $15. Registration required.

Location: Multi-purpose room of the library

May 132015
 May 13, 2015  History, Lectures

FX-Charet-Religion-and-War_500pxProf. F. X. Charet on Religion and War: Is There a Connection?

Friday, May 29 at 2 pm
$3 at the door.

We often assume that religion and religious conflicts are one of the chief causes of war in human history. This lecture will examine
this widely-held claim to see what the evidence shows.