Jul 292015
 July 29, 2015  Lectures, Special Events

Join Librarian Alisa on August 17 at 3 pm as she discusses three works by Nobel prize winner Patrick ModianoPlease note: This program will be presented in French.

Of all the writers whose work belongs to the postmodern canon, Patrick Modiano is likely to be the most ill at ease in that category. His simple yet refined prose gives the appearance of being traditional and straightforward. It is, however, the precise feeling of unease that places Modiano’s work in the realm of postmodern literature, in which disorder and uncertainty reign supreme. Even identity fails to hold out: its destabilisation reflects on an individual level what is happening on a larger scale.

In Rue des boutiques obscures, Quartier Perdu, and Voyage de noces, the quest for identity is paralleled by an improvised criminal investigation. Modiano’s use of detective fiction is typical of postmodernism: he takes a quintessentially closed genre, borrows its conventions and clichés, and finishes by leaving it open ended. In the novels chosen for this talk, three detectives go on a search for three missing persons: themselves. They revisit the past in an attempt to make sense of their lives and to find a basis on which to build their identity. Their journeys, as well as the conclusions they draw from them, are an exploration of the elements of the “anti-detective novel”.

The talk will be given in French. It is not required to have previously read the novels in question. All fans of Modiano’s work, regardless of which language they speak, are invited to listen and offer their own thoughts on his novels.

Jul 292015
 July 29, 2015  Film


Wedneday, August 5, 2015 at 2 pm – Free

Wild - DVD W6681After years of reckless behaviour, drug abuse and the destruction of her marriage, Cheryl Strayed (Reese Witherspoon) makes a rash decision. Haunted by memories of her mother Bobbi (Laura Dern) and with absolutely no experience, she sets out to hike more than a thousand miles on the Pacific Crest Trail, in California, all on her own. Wild may sound like a film about redemption, but it’s more about learning to live with what you can’t control — and accepting what you can control, which is sometimes just as difficult. It’s also a movie in which you can feel the spirit of the material infusing all involved in its making, both as artists and as human beings, and what results is that special kind of magic that occurs when even the simplest of songs sends sparks to the soul.

“One of the year’s most galvanizing cinematic experiences” (Rex Reed, New York Observer)

“There are other movies out this year that are more technically ambitious than Wild. There are others that are wider-reaching in scope and sheer audacity. But there aren’t any others that offer the power and profundity of Wild. This movie is a gift. It’s also a journey.” (Mike Scott, New Orleans Times-Picayune)

United States — 2014 — 115 mins. — In English only

Click here to see the latest PDF of the Wednesday Afternoon at the Movies pamphlet

Jul 292015
 July 29, 2015  Gardening

Garden Club posterThe CSL Library Garden Club
Tuesdays from 10 am to noon and Thursdays from 2 pm to 4 pm

Join our expert green thumb Laurence Fauteux and a crew of dedicated volunteers to help maintain the vegetables, fruit, and flowers in the library’s demonstration garden. Perfect your gardening skills with Laurence’s help, and take home part of the harvest as a thank you for your work!

Register for the club at the front desk. All ages welcome!


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Jul 222015
 July 22, 2015  Lectures

Patrick Modiano posterPlease note: this program will be presented in French.

Quêtes et enquêtes dans trois romans de Patrick Modiano
Monday, August 17 at 3 pm

French-collection librarian Alisa Soukhodolskaia wrote her Masters’ thesis in French literature on the works of Patrick Modiano, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature for 2014. She will examine postmodernity in the work of this author. Join us for what is sure to be an enlightening event! Lecture will be presented in French.

Jul 222015
 July 22, 2015  Concerts

Gisèle et RobinConcert in Ashkelon Gardens: The Gisèle & Robin Harp Duo

Wednesday, August 5 at 7 pm
Ashkelon Gardens—behind Library

The unique and innovative sound of the Gisèle and Robin Harp Duo will entice you on a summer evening in Ashkelon Gardens. Listen as they blend the misty Celtic harp and the sunny Paraguayan harp in perfect harmony.



For outdoor events: Please bring your own chair. In case of rain, the event will be held in the Harold Greenspon auditorium. A limited number of rain passes will be available.

Jul 202015
 July 20, 2015  Book Clubs

Thursday, July 23 at 10:30 am

Would you enjoy getting together with other reading enthusiasts to discuss a good book? We invite you to an entertaining discussion of the novel: All men are liars written by the Argentine-born writer Alberto Manguel. Internationally acclaimed as an anthologist, translator, essayist, novelist, and editor, Alberto Manguel is the bestselling author of several award-winning books.

In All men are liars, journalist Jean-Luc Terradillos is working on a biography about an elusive novelist named Alejandro Bevilacqua, who died around 30 years ago. Terradillos interviews four people, gathering four different life stories, and while trying to separate the truth from the lies introduces us to these tales which make up one man’s life. Nearly everything about Bevilacqua’s life is left up to the reader to decide.

Our next meeting will take place on Thursday, September 3 at 10:30 am. Please phone the library to register by dialing 514-485-6900, ext. 4110.

Jul 172015
 July 17, 2015  Concerts

Afro-Colombian jazz posterConcert in the park: The Roberto López
Afro-Colombian Jazz Orchestra

Thursday, July 30 at 7 pm
Trudeau Park—corner of Mackle and Einstein in Côte Saint-Luc


The Conseil des arts de Montréal en tournée and the Library present Roberto López and his orchestra for a festive show of Afro-Colombian rhythms mixed with the sounds of North American big band jazz.


For outdoor events: Please bring your own chair. In case of rain, the event will be held in the Harold Greenspon auditorium. A limited number of rain passes will be available. To confirm the location of the concert, please call 514-485-6900, ext. 5503 on the day of the event.

Jul 132015
 July 13, 2015  Book Clubs

Join librarian Alisa on Monday, August 10 at the French Book Club to discuss Amin Maalouf’s Les désorientés.

The novel tells the story of Adam, who returns to his native country after many years of exile in Paris for the funeral of a dear friend. It is an occasion to reflect on war, friendship, and the passage of time.

The Club will meet on August 10 at 3pm for an in-depth conversation in French about this novel. The book up for discussion in September will be announced at the August meeting.

To sign up, call the Reference Dept at 514-485-6900 or send us an e-mail at reference@cotesaintluc.org.

Jul 132015
 July 13, 2015  Book Clubs

Thursday, August 6 at 2 pm, join librarian Alisa to discuss Frank McCourt’s Teacher Man,  which describes his experiences working in New York City high schools.

If you enjoyed Angela’s Ashes or simply want to read about the improbable adventures of an Irish-American nearly fired on his first day on the job, then this is the book for you.

The Afternoon Book Circle is for registered members of the Library – drop by or call the reference desk to sign up.


Jul 092015
 July 9, 2015  Book Clubs

Storied Life of A.J. FikryIf you missed last night’s meeting, join us next month on Wednesday, August 19th, 2015 at 7 pm (This session is full. You must be registered and a library member to attend.)

Next book title: The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin

When his most prized possession, a rare collection of Poe poems, is stolen, bookstore owner A.J. Fikry begins isolating himself from his friends, family, and associates before receiving a mysterious package that compels him to remake his life.  A novel with mention of other great books and a story that focuses on re-examining one’s life, this tale is one filled with sad yet humorous moments.  It is a nice fast read for the Summer, which received star reviews and praise.  Melissa is wondering where the discussion will lead when the group gets together.