Oct 172014
 October 17, 2014  Lectures, Music

Passion for Music Chopin and his Piano poster 10x15 2014-09Wednesday, October 22, 2014 at 2:00 pm 

Join Music Librarian Farah Mohammed, as she discusses the rich piano repertoire from one of the Romantic Era’s most celebrated composers, Frédéric Chopin, and find out why he is called the Poet of the Piano.

In the Auditorium


Oct 142014
 October 14, 2014  Art

Derek-Yaple-Schobert_Concert_500pxThe second concert of our fall series is coming up soon, on Thursday October 30 at 7 pm. Derek Yaple-Schobert will be at the Harold Greenspon auditorium playing Piano Favourites and Beyond!

This gifted young pianist will be playing classical pieces by composers including Debussy, Beethoven, Grieg, and Lizst.

Derek had performed all over Canada and the world. Join us on October 30 to enjoy his performance here in Côte Saint-Luc!

Tickets for the concert are $5 and are on sale now at the front desk of the library.

Oct 142014
 October 14, 2014  Film

Le Démantèlement [The Auction]

Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at 2 pm – Free


In Quebec filmmaker Sébastien Pilote’s latest film Le Démantèlement [The Auction], rugged sheep farmer Gaby (Gabriel Arcand) stoically tends to the quotidian needs of his isolated family farm, watching as his neighbours sell off theirs. One day, his eldest daughter, Marie (Lucie Laurier), arrives from Montreal and announces she is getting a divorce. Oblivious to her father’s own financial constraints, she asks him for a large loan so she can keep her home. Gaby agrees to help his daughter, then, without telling her, sets out to sell his farm, dismantling the only life he has ever known.

Seeing the beautiful pastoral landscape, dappled in golden sunshine and warmly captured on film, makes the undoing of the farm all the more sorrowful. Arcand delivers a subtle, moving performance as Gaby, a flurry of emotions passing across his eyes. Like its protagonist, who is caught between his past and his uncertain future, Le Démantèlement [The Auction] looks both backwards and forwards. Loosely inspired by King Lear and Le Père Goriot, Pilote seems to tenderly channel the spirit of Quebec’s ethnographic filmmaking of the sixties and seventies (Michel Brault, Pierre Perrault, Claude Jutra), while examining the changing state of rural Quebec in the wake of its vanishing agrarian legacy. (Toronto International Film Festival)

In French with English subtitles

Canada — 2013 — 111 mins.

Introduced by Gayle Cohen with a post-screening discussion lead by her.

Click here to download a PDF of the latest Bright Lights Film Club pamphlet

Oct 062014
 October 6, 2014  Art, Art Gallery

Illumination Ste 14

The Eleanor London Côte Saint-Luc Public Library is presenting the iridescent photographs of Montreal-based photographer André Boucher in the Library’s Art Gallery.

André Boucher’s exhibit features photographic works from six different series, all having one very important trait in common: aside from mirroring effects, none of the photos has been digitally altered or retouched.

André Boucher prints his photographs on a variety of surfaces such as glass, stainless steel and paper. This allows him the flexibility of altering visual perceptions and keep the viewer guessing.

Boucher was born in Chicoutimi in 1950.  He developed his talents as a photographer early on in life.  A graduate in Communication Studies, Boucher worked as a reporter for the newspaper Le Soleil and later founded Groupe Image, a project he directed for several years.  Freelance photography work would ensue and subsequently it was a move towards contemporary art which gained him more recognition. He currently lives and works in Montreal. Boucher’s work has been shown throughout the province of Québec, and can be found in numerous private and museum collections.

His current artworks can be viewed at www.andreboucher.com

This exhibit runs until November 23, 2014.

Oct 062014
 October 6, 2014  Art

Memory-Wellness_500pxDo you find yourself forgetting things? Do you have concerns about your memory fitness? Do you want to optimize your memory function? Clinical psychologist Dr. Rachel Goodman will be at the library on Wednesday, October 29 at 2 pm to give a talk on memory wellness.

Dr. Goodman has extensive experience in the assessment of problems related to memory and in treatments for memory wellness. She will discuss the basics of human memory, what can impair it, and how to best keep your memory strong throughout your life.

Memory Wellness Talk
Wednesday, October 29 at 2 pm

Oct 032014
 October 3, 2014  Art

CSL-Reads-Bone-and-Bread_500pxOur biggest literary event of the year is coming up soon: Join us on Thursday, October 23 for Côte Saint-Luc Reads 2014!

Author Saleema Nawaz will be at the library to discuss this year’s pick, her recent novel Bone and Bread. This novel follows the story of two sisters growing up above a landmark Montreal bagel shop and explores the complications of family life.

Join us for this showcase event at 6:30 pm to enjoy live classical music and free refreshments. The author talk will begin at 7 pm.

There’s still time to check out a copy of Bone and Bread in paper or e-book form and read the book before the big night! Reserve a copy from the library catalogue here.

Côte Saint-Luc Reads 2014
October 23 at 7 pm
In the auditorium – Free


Oct 022014
 October 2, 2014  Community Art Space

Ron photo 3

Ron Novolker presents his stunning photographs in the latest Community Art Space exhibit titled The Wonders of Nature.

Ron’s love of nature is a lifelong affair and has been well-documented through his five decades of photography. His subjects include, but are not limited to: wildlife, flowers, lighthouses, horizons, rivers, lakes, and oceans. Ron has a keen eye in spotting beauty in the nature of Quebec, Ontario, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, and stays true to nature’s elegance by not altering his photography.

The Wonders of Nature features many never-before-seen photographs and is sure to transport you to a calm and relaxing place.

At the library’s Community Art Space until November 2, 2014

Oct 022014
 October 2, 2014  Book Clubs

The_DisappearedOn Thursday, October 9 at 2pm, join librarian Alisa to discuss Kim Echlin‘s novel The Disappeared, which had been nominated for the 2009 Giller Prize.

Anne Greves is a motherless Canadian girl and her lover, Serey, a gentle Cambodian rebel and exiled musician. One day he leaves their Montreal flat to seek out his family in the aftermath of Pol Pot’s savage revolution. After a decade without word, Anne abandons everything to search for him in Phnom Penh, a city traumatized by the Khmer Rouge slaughter. Against all odds, the lovers are reunited, and in a country where tranquil rice paddies harbour the bones of the massacred, these two self-exiled lovers struggle to recreate themselves in a world that rejects their hopes. But when Serey disappears again, Anne discovers that the journey she must embark upon may reveal a story she cannot bear (Publisher’s description).

The Afternoon Book Circle is for registered members of the Library – drop by or call the reference desk to sign up. We will also be meeting on November 6 and December 4 at 3pm.



Sep 302014
 September 30, 2014  Film


Tuesday, October 7, 2014 at 2 pm – Free

Her -  BRD H5313 -  DVD H5313Can a romantic relationship be real without the sexual aspect? Writer/director Spike Jones’ brilliant Her is a very unusual movie with some interesting observations about the way in which people are becoming more reliant on technology. It’s set in a sterile cityscape of the near future, and tells the story of lonely-bachelor Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix), who finds himself falling in love—literally—with his new computer’s artificially-intelligent operating system (which names “herself” Samantha, and is voiced by Scarlett Johansson).

Her is a 21st-century love story that perfectly captures the mood of the times and finds new inroads into the exhilaration and heartbreak that have existed since the first ‘I love you’.” (Scott Tobias, The Dissolve)

In English only

United States — 2013 — 126 mins.

Introduced by Gayle Cohen with a post-screening discussion lead by her.

Click here to download a PDF of the latest Bright Lights Film Club pamphlet

Sep 302014
 September 30, 2014  Art

Thursday, October 2 at 10:30 am

You are invited to join us for an entertaining book discussion of The story of a shipwrecked sailor: who drifted on a life raft for ten days without food or water, was proclaimed a national hero, kissed by beauty queens, made rich through publicity, and then spurned by the government and forgotten for all time. Its subtitle serves as an appetizer to this memorable account of survival written by Gabriel García Márquez, Nobel Prize Winner for Literature in 1982.

If you are a member of the library and would like to register, please call us at 514-485-6900.