May 042015
 May 4, 2015  Art

Join Librarian Alisa on Monday, May 11 at the French Book Club to discuss Christine Eddie’s Les Carnets de Douglas, winner of the 2008 France-Québec literary prize.

Translated as The Douglas Notebooks, it tells the story of of Romain who, at 18, leaves his family for a home in the forest, learning to live off the land rather than his family’s wealth. Éléna flees a house of blood and mayhem, taking refuge in a monastery and later in a rustic village. One day, while walking in the woods, Éléna hears the melody of a clarinet and comes across Romain. Later a child named Rose is born. Fade to black. When the story takes up again, Douglas has returned to the forest, Rose is in the village under the care of others, and Éléna is gone.

The Club will meet on May 11 at 3pm for an in-depth conversation in French about this novel. The book up for discussion in June will be announced at the May meeting. The club will be meeting on the following Mondays: June 15, July 13, August 10.

To sign up, call the Reference Dept at 514-485-6900 or send us an e-mail at

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