Feb 032015
 February 3, 2015  Community Art Space

Alexey 2Alexey Reingevertz  presents his mesmerizing portrait paintings and illustrations in his show titled “Little Man in a Big World”.

Born in Russia, Alexey moved to Canada in 2000, he studied art at St.Petersburg Public Art School and 3-D modeling at Dawson College. Alexey works with different mediums which include ceramics, illustration, oil painting, collage and computer graphics. His original ceramics and oil paintings are held in private collections in Russia, Germany, the United States, and Canada.

Until February 22, 2015

Jan 082015
 January 8, 2015  Art, Community Art Space


Hebrew character playing violinJoss Bento presents La Ronde des Lettres

Jocelyne Bentolita, a self-taught artist from France, presents a series of works inspired by Jewish tradition. For the past seven years, she has been depicting letters from the Hebew alphabet on plexiglass panels that respect both the meaning and symbolism of each letter. An exhibit that demonstrates both enthusiasm and spontaneity.

 Until January 18, 2015
Nov 142014
 November 14, 2014  Art, Community Art Space

Annette image 1Annette Wolfstein-Joseph presents her collection of etchings in an exhibition titled Quest for Freedom: Images from the book of Exodus.

Annette has been a printmaker and teacher since her studies at Concordia University where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Reading the book of Exodus Annette was awakened by wonderfully descriptive imagery of what happened in that land so far away and so long ago. This took her on a path of research and creativity which has culminated in this lovely collection of etchings.

Take a trip with Annette as she shares her visual interpretations of this story which has been handed down for generations upon generations.

Until December, 7 2014

Oct 022014
 October 2, 2014  Art, Community Art Space

Ron photo 3

Ron Novolker presents his stunning photographs in the latest Community Art Space exhibit titled The Wonders of Nature.

Ron’s love of nature is a lifelong affair and has been well-documented through his five decades of photography. His subjects include, but are not limited to: wildlife, flowers, lighthouses, horizons, rivers, lakes, and oceans. Ron has a keen eye in spotting beauty in the nature of Quebec, Ontario, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, and stays true to nature’s elegance by not altering his photography.

The Wonders of Nature features many never-before-seen photographs and is sure to transport you to a calm and relaxing place.

At the library’s Community Art Space until November 2, 2014

Sep 022014
 September 2, 2014  Art, Community Art Space

Carol Rabinovitch Ballerinas

Carol Rabinovitch presents her lovely monoprints and multimedia collages in an exhibit titled Imagine.

Carol’s interest in the Arts sparked 17 years ago on a trip to the Charlevoix region of Quebec, starting with painting in both acrylics and oils. Over the years she started to discover or mediums, including collage, mixed-media, print-making, assemblage and recycled objects.

Imagine showcases some of her never-before-seen works and is sure to fill your day with a little bit of colour, happiness, and a touch on whimsy.

Until September 28, 2014

Aug 152014

The Fall & Winter library programs brochure is hot off the presses!

Pick one up starting today at the library or download a PDF copy heredownload a PDF copy here.

A few highlights from this season’s programming:

– An Evening with Claire Holden Rothman on September 3
– A talk on the Fabulous Fabergé exhibit at the MMFA
– The Eddie Cantor Story, a playreading written and directed by Aviva Ravel
– The return of favourite programs like Science Demystified with Dr. Joe Schwarcz, Tech Talks, and our varied book clubs…

and much, much more!

Jul 282014
 July 28, 2014  Community Art Space

clip_image002Chavi Weiss presents her artworks in the exhibit titled Blooming.

Chavi from a very young age, was inspired, driven and attracted to     exploring various techniques in drawing, painting and creating unique masterpieces of her own.

Blooming highlights her beautiful use of colour and texture as well as showing off her skills in regard to the use of light and shadow. This is an extremely vibrant exhibit that is sure to delight every viewer.

All of Chavi’s works can also be reproduced in high quality Giclee prints.

Until August 24, 2014

Jun 202014
 June 20, 2014  Art, Community Art Space

Arlene exhibit photoArlene Roter presents her collage exhibit titled Reflections in the Library’s Community Art Space.

Having always been artistic and dabbling in ceramics and embroidery Arlene became enamored with collage right from the get-go.

Arlene uses everyday objects to create striking visual experiences. Couple this with her sure-handed and sometimes whimsical approach and the result is striking works that are easily enjoyed.

Until July 20, 2014

May 162014
 May 16, 2014  Art, Community Art Space

eddie lesser bloggyEddie Lesser presents his photographs in the exhibit titled The Beauty of Black-and-White Photography

Eddie’s passion for photography developed many years ago when he first joined a camera club. The opportunity to exchange with others and to learn hands-on by participating in competitions and exhibits inspired him to further pursue his art practice.

This exhibit focuses on the fact that if we all take the time to look carefully, we can find beauty almost anywhere.

Until June 15, 2014

Apr 102014
 April 10, 2014  Art, Community Art Space

Feng Wang

Feng Wang  presents his artworks in the exhibit titled Breeze

On show is a colourful collection of oil paintings.  In the exhibit, whimsical artworks depict a life lived abroad. Wang is a graduate of China’s Minzu University’s School of Art.

Until May 11, 2014