Feb 032014
 February 3, 2014  Art, Community Art Space

Miriam Lanail 006 BLOGGYMiriam Lanail presents a series of acrylic paintings in the exhibit titled Plateau Encore!

Featured in the exhibit is a collection of enchanting paintings inspired by tales of life in the Plateau Mont-Royal in the 1950s.  Lanail’s experience as  a post-war immigrant is depicted with imagination and nostalgia. This is a joyful collection of works bringing together many generations and cultures. Not to be missed!

Until April 6, 2014

Dec 232013
 December 23, 2013  Art, Community Art Space

Olga Maksimova 005 blogOlga Maksimova presents a series of mixed media collages in the exhibit titled Collage Métaphysique.

Born in Russia, Maksimova studied painting in Russia as well as history in Italy. Her work aims to challenge the viewer to consider the many purposes and interpretations of art. She currently teaches ceramics to both children and adults in several Montreal boroughs.

Until January 26, 2014

Nov 142013
 November 14, 2013  Art, Community Art Space

Roxane Aryana blogRoxane Aryana presents a series of paintings in the exhibit titled Invisible Perception.

Roxane uses the unusual technique of painting with her fingers in most of the artworks presented. She also works collaboratively with her daughter, Mandana, each woman expressing how they feel on the same canvas simultaneously without consulting each other about the approach or the outcome beforehand.

Until December 15, 2013

Oct 102013
 October 10, 2013  Art, Community Art Space

Bonnie Frankel—Synergy 007.blogBonnie Frankel presents a colourful series of acrylic and mixed media paintings in the exhibit titled Synergy.

Over the course of her many years of work as an operating nurse she was able to develop an artistic style that incorporates the use of her nursing tools with artistic mediums such as acrylic paint. The result is one of  beautiful and intricate scenes that peer into to a more serene facet of her life.

Until November 10, 2013

Sep 052013
 September 5, 2013  Art, Community Art Space

Faces Talk Imaginations 002.bloggyThis month, the Community Art Space features the works of two artists in a shared exhibit titled Faces Talk/Imaginations.

Maisie Mehri is a portraitist whose works cover the theme of social injustice.


Faces Talk Imaginations 007.bloggy



Tom Frieman is a retired portrait photographer whose work now focuses on the possibilities of digital photography.

Until October 6, 2013

Aug 012013
 August 1, 2013  Art, Community Art Space

Nelly Leitner 002.bloggyNelly Leitner presents a series of oil paintings with a strong emphasis on the beauty found in nature in the exhibit titled Passion, Énergie, Créativité.

Over the course of her career, she has participated in more than one hundred exhibits at the provincial, national and international level combined.

Until September 1, 2013

Jun 192013
 June 19, 2013  Art, Community Art Space

Abe Soroka 002 bloggyArtist Abe Soroka presents an overview of his works in the exhibit titled Mosaic Retrospective. The word mosaic refers to the various themes depicted in his paintings, people and places that have touched the artist’s heart.

Until July 28, 2013

May 142013
 May 14, 2013  Art, Community Art Space

Leonard Smith 004.bloggyArtist Leonard Smith presents a striking series of abstract paintings in his exhibit Conquest of the Unknown.

This collection of acrylic paintings demonstrates Smith’s ability to create bold, minimal pieces in a rich colour palette.

Until June 16, 2013

Feb 222013
 February 22, 2013  Art, Community Art Space

Michael Litvack 001bloggy.Artist Michael Litvack presents colourful scenes of Montreal from a bygone era in his exhibit Memories of the Non-Distant Past.

His paintings feature naïve art and old-fashioned cars that fill the imagination with both a sense of optimism and a longing for the past.

Until March 31, 2013

Jan 212013
 January 21, 2013  Art, Community Art Space

Judy Lazarus 004.bloggyArtist Judy Lazarus presents a series of masterfully executed watercolour paintings in the exhibit entitled The Noble Tree. The beauty and detail of the tree bark is captured in her precise use of colour, shading and line.

Until February 17, 2013