Jul 082015
 July 8, 2015  Film, Lectures

Wednesday, July 22, 2015 at 2 pm

Shhh! The Representation of Libraries and Librarians in the Movies

tumblr_m19rsnMUkm1qb8ugro1_1280We’ll look at the myriad ways in which both libraries and librarians have been depicted throughout the history of the movies.

Stereotypes of librarians in popular culture are, of course, frequently negative: portrayed as puritanical, punitive, unattractive, and introverted if female, or timid, repressed, frustrated and effeminate if male. This “fate-worse-than-death” view is particularly evident in movies such as It’s a Wonderful Life, The Music Man and Sophie’s Choice. But there are many surprising and positive exceptions, such as Kate Hepburn in Desk Set and Bette Davis in Storm Center. But generally how close are such representations to reality? And have they evolved any over the years?

We’ll also look at libraries themselves, the many ideas associated with them, and the manner of their many, often amusing depictions in the movies, running the gamut from bastions of freedom, refuge and enlightenment to dens of inequity, stagnation and repression.

Join movie librarian Steven Tomlinson for this provocative lecture/discussion. Perhaps along the way we’ll also discover what the idea of the library and librarianship means to each of us.

Free for library members; non-members $15. Registration required.

Location: Multi-purpose room of the library

Jun 182015
 June 18, 2015  Art, Lectures, Music

Passion for Music Latin Jazz poster 10x15 2015-06Thursday, June 25 at 7:00 pm  *NEW TIME

Music Librarian Farah Mohammed and special guest  Ed Hersey will trace Afro-Cuban influences in the latin jazz music of Puerto Rico, New York City and Miami.

With live latin dance performance.

Free ~ In the Auditorium

Jun 112015
 June 11, 2015  Art, Lectures

MMFA Rodin talk posterMMFA Exhibit Talk: Rodin – Metamorphoses
Tuesday, June 30 at 7 pm

Grace Powell, an experienced guide at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, returns to give a sneak peek of the museum’s current art exhibit. She’ll take us inside Rodin’s studio to explore some of the sculptor’s best-known masterpieces.


May 292015
 May 29, 2015  Lectures

In-the-Headlines_Spring2015_500pxIn the Headlines with Hershey Dwoskin

Fridays at 2 pm

Join popular speaker Hershey Dwoskin and find out what lies behind the world news headlines.

June 5, 12, 19 and 26

May 202015
 May 20, 2015  Health & Wellness, Lectures

Memory-Wellness_Summ2015_500pxMemory Wellness with Dr. Rachel Goodman

Mondays at 2 pm

Back by popular demand, clinical psychologist Dr. Rachel Goodman offers tips and tricks to optimize your memory wellness.

June 1 Meet your memory: How memory works and how everyday living affects it

June 15 Get organized and train your brain: Using external and internal memory aids

June 22 Remember what you read and people you meet: Memory strategies for everyday life

Series sponsored by Pharmaprix–Cavendish.

May 142015
 May 14, 2015  Lectures, Special Events

Drawing-Politics-Terry-Aislin-Mosher_500pxDrawing Politics with Terry “Aislin” Mosher

Wednesday, June 10 at 7 pm

Join us for an evening with one of Canada’s leading newspaper editorial cartoonists! Aislin has been the Gazette‘s political cartoonist for more than 40 years. His irreverent, acerbic sketches appear regularly in many Canadian dailies and in periodicals around the world.

Presented in collaboration with the Canadian Writers’ Society.

Please contact Danielle Bélanger at 514-485-6900 or dbelanger@cotesaintluc.org for more information.

May 132015
 May 13, 2015  Film, Lectures

Wednesday, May 27, 2015 at 2 pm

North America’s Love Affair with the Drive-In Movie Theatre


Once a vibrant part of popular culture, why do drive-ins barely survive today in a world that still loves both cars and movies?

Join film librarian Steven Tomlinson as he discusses the phenomenon and experience of this oddly-particular form of mass nocturnal outdoor entertainment (the B movies; double features; huge screens; intermissions; concession stands; playgrounds; tiny window-speakers; etc.) in service to both wholesome family outings and covert teenage concupiscence, while also illustrating a number of historic and still-standing drive-ins.

Free for library members; non-members $15. Registration required.

Location: Multi-purpose room of the library

May 132015
 May 13, 2015  History, Lectures

FX-Charet-Religion-and-War_500pxProf. F. X. Charet on Religion and War: Is There a Connection?

Friday, May 29 at 2 pm
$3 at the door.

We often assume that religion and religious conflicts are one of the chief causes of war in human history. This lecture will examine
this widely-held claim to see what the evidence shows.

May 072015
 May 7, 2015  Lectures

Charming-Chateaux-Loire-Valley_500pxWednesday, May 20 at 2 pm

Traveller extraordinaire François Tisseur invites you on a virtual trip through France’s stunning Loire region!

This part of France is famous for its architecturally stunning castles situated along the banks of the Loire river. Come and discover this World Heritage site along with its meandering routes and charming people – without having to leave Côte Saint-Luc!

May 052015
 May 5, 2015  Lectures, Music

Passion for Music—Magic of Mozart graphic w dateThursday, May 14, 2015 at 7:00 pm  (NEW TIME)

During his short life, Mozart was able to produce some of the finest repertoire in the history of Western music.  Music Librarian Farah Mohammed will highlight some of his greatest works and will attempt to show the magic in Mozart’s music.

In the Auditorium ~ Free