Dec 162015
 December 16, 2015  Community Art Space

Currently there are three separate shows taking place;

Lotter - Nouvelle FranceDavid Chandler presents his collection of antique maps in a show titled “Antique Maps from the Holy Land to New France.”

The exposition consists of 56 maps printed between the late 16th and late 19th centuries that depict either the Holy Land and surrounding areas, or early North America (including Montreal).  In the 1980s David began using antique maps as aids while teaching history and geography classes. Since this time, David’s collection has grown to include thousands of maps from all parts of the world.

Displayed in the Community Art Space until January 31.



sklarStanley Sklar presents a lovely display of three dimensional art.

Stanley has been involved in the arts his entire life. Whether it be through painting, studying, or a career as an award winning fashion designer. This culminated in his newest art form. His 3D sculptures engage the audience. Meticulous attention to detail; from the hand-crafted bricks, worn stairs, to the people who inhabit each neighbourhood, makes this art unique.

Stanley is keen on sharing his knowledge and vast experience with students as a teacher at the Cummings Centre.

Displayed in the fiction section of the library.


arlene maskArlene Roter presents a beautiful display of her handmade ceramic masks.

Arlene is a multi-disciplinary artist who works in embroidery, collage and ceramics. These masks are a great representation of Arlene’s style across all of her mediums. They are fun, bright, unique, and each piece has a certain amount of whimsy.

Displayed in the Library curio cabinets.

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