Apr 082014
 April 8, 2014  Film, Science

chasingiceWednesday, April 23 at 2 pm

Join us as we watch the award-winning documentary Chasing Ice on Wednesday April 23 at 2 pm. Chasing Ice is a visually-stunning documentary that follows a National Geographic photographer and his team, as they prove the extent of glacial retreat due to global warming. Features eye-popping time-lapse images that condense several years of melt into a few seconds, including the longest footage ever recorded of a glacial calving event.

“The case for climate change is mounted in visually breathtaking yet conventional fashion in Chasing Ice. Following the exhaustive efforts of photographer-scientist James Balog to capture irrefutable evidence of the world’s glaciers in retreat, first-time helmer Jeff Orlowski’s documentary supplies a heroic human-interest angle on global warming that’s ultimately less remarkable than the grandeur of its arctic imagery.”  Justin Chang, Variety. 


Click here to watch the trailer for the film

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