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 July 8, 2015  Film, Lectures

Wednesday, July 22, 2015 at 2 pm

Shhh! The Representation of Libraries and Librarians in the Movies

tumblr_m19rsnMUkm1qb8ugro1_1280We’ll look at the myriad ways in which both libraries and librarians have been depicted throughout the history of the movies.

Stereotypes of librarians in popular culture are, of course, frequently negative: portrayed as puritanical, punitive, unattractive, and introverted if female, or timid, repressed, frustrated and effeminate if male. This “fate-worse-than-death” view is particularly evident in movies such as It’s a Wonderful Life, The Music Man and Sophie’s Choice. But there are many surprising and positive exceptions, such as Kate Hepburn in Desk Set and Bette Davis in Storm Center. But generally how close are such representations to reality? And have they evolved any over the years?

We’ll also look at libraries themselves, the many ideas associated with them, and the manner of their many, often amusing depictions in the movies, running the gamut from bastions of freedom, refuge and enlightenment to dens of inequity, stagnation and repression.

Join movie librarian Steven Tomlinson for this provocative lecture/discussion. Perhaps along the way we’ll also discover what the idea of the library and librarianship means to each of us.

Free for library members; non-members $15. Registration required.

Location: Multi-purpose room of the library

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