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 November 3, 2015  Film


Tuesday, November 10, 2015 at 2 pm – Free


Isabelle Huppert and Jean-Pierre Darroussin embody the earthy chemistry of long-married spouses in this story of a cattle farmer and his restless wife. Their characters, Xavier and Brigitte, have always been a bit mismatched. He’s happy tending to the cows while her head is a bit more in the clouds. Now that their son has left for college, Brigitte is even more at odds with her agrarian life, and a nasty rash is physical evidence of her 20-year itch. After she meets a flirtatious young man at the neighbours’, she’s quick to take off for the big city in search of a possible fling while a suspicious Xavier follows behind. Paris Follies is a finely-tuned gem where below the light comedy lies a tender portrait of middle-aged yearning and rediscovery.

In French with English subtitles

France – 2014 – 98 mins.

Introduced by Gayle Cohen with a post-screening discussion lead by her

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