Dec 302015
 December 30, 2015  Film


Wednesday, January 6, 2015 at 2 pm – Free

ill-see-you-in-my-dreams-blu-ray-cover-78Carol is a retired schoolteacher and a longtime widow in her 70s. She enjoys a tranquil routine playing cards with close friends, keeping up her garden, and relaxing with a glass of wine. When her beloved dog dies, there’s a mournful vacuum that draws new experiences, friendships and attachments into her world. And then there’s the gravelly-voiced, exuberant gentleman, Bill, who comes out of nowhere. The authenticity and honesty coursing through every scene of I’ll See You in My Dreams perfectly echoes the point of view of its elderly characters, who have no more time for nonsense or pretension, even in the most awkward or emotional moments. The talented and vibrant supporting cast avoids clichés in favor of nuance and truthfulness. Blythe Danner was made to play Carol, a beautiful, understated woman resigned to existential realities but certainly not ruling out the magic.

“A work of quiet, crystalline empathy, I’ll See You in My Dreams is notable for reasons that nearly overshadow its modest yet indisputable charms. It’s a drama about the kind of people invisible to the movies and much of our culture — senior citizens in the early evening of their lives — and it grants its characters individuality in ways that are almost wholly free of cliché.” (Graham Fuller, New York Daily News)

United States – 2015 – 96 mins. – In English only

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