Aug 042016
 August 4, 2016  Technology

Hey everyone! Are you on the go a lot? Do you wish you could watch some great movies and TV on your mobile device while traveling? Are music or audiobooks more your style? Do you go anywhere without your smartphone or tablet? No? Great news! The library has you covered with Hoopla Digital!

Instantly borrow 24/7 with your library card free digital movies, music, eBooks, TV shows, audiobooks and comics – over 300,000 titles for streaming or temporary downloading to your smartphone, tablet and/or computer. Everything for everyone! One app. One tap. That’s Hoopla Digital!


Changing lifestyles, a spotlight on the individual, and preferences in the way people access and consume media are all taken into consideration by us here at the library. The enjoyment of Hoopla Digital as a part of everyday life is a hallmark of our commitment to library patrons. With Hoopla Digital we are doing everything we can to match the contemporary library experience with the way people live in this ever-changing digital age.

Hoopla Digital has a painless sign-up process and easy-to-use interface, so it’s easy to get to your listening and viewing experience. There’s also never any waiting to borrow material. And Hoopla Digital’s automatic return feature eliminates late fees.

Simply download the free Hoopla Digital mobile app on your Android or IOS device, or just visit to begin enjoying content from Hollywood studios, record companies and publishers. We’re here at the library to help you, too, of course. So you can just pop in, anytime, to find out what all the hoopla’s about!

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